Welcome to RailTech.blog !

This blog exists to try to capture some thoughts, ideas and or suggestions on how the rail sector can make use of new technology, to a far greater extent or simply in a more efficient way than the writer observed in a little over two years in a UK-based rail operator. Coming from an IT background, it was a surprise to see the way in which things are done - or not done.

The site has several categories, so a quick breakdown:

  • About - about the site, the writer/blogger, and related
  • Analytics and Reporting - how to use data to optimise a rail network, the rolling stock and or any supporting systems
  • Commercial - interaction with suppliers, management of projects with external partners, and so on
  • Core IT - data processing, storage, systems and management
  • Rolling Stock - on-train systems, data collection and related equipment
  • Signalling and Telecoms - signalling systems, communications and control networks

It's early days for the site, so things will change!